KnowRisk Ethics website statement

The KnowRisk consortium is committed to embedding ethics into practice. Working with Professor Burkhard Schafer (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Laura James (University of Cambridge) we have developed an ethics framework and roadmap. The goal of these is to ensure we achieve our positive goals while avoiding unwanted and unintended consequences. 

Areas that we are particularly focussed on include:

  • Data privacy: The wrong data in the wrong hands can cause immense harm, especially for a business operating in a competitive free market. We need to protect corporately identifiable information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to avoid these risks.
  • Data and AI ethics: Algorithms and datasets are not neutral, and contain inbuilt biases. We want to make sure that we correct for these biases as best we can.
  • Governance: New technologies can change existing power hierarchies. We want to ensure that governance within our platform fairly manages power between stakeholders and prevents powerful groups from co-opting the platform to further their interests.
  • Business model innovation: New business models may solve old problems, but they can also result in economic exclusion or harm to new groups. We want to identify and mitigate against these risks.

Crucial to our approach is the desire to bring external voices into our work. We believe that ethics should be done with our stakeholders. To engage with us about ours ethics work, please contact us at: [email protected]

For more information please download these reports written by the Digital Catapult about the consortium’s ethics work.