Intelligent Risk Management

In this complex and fast changing world, KnowRisk shows you the real risks businesses and insurers face, delivering digital twins of the risk factors impacting a company’s property, operations, and supply chain.

With KnowRisk you can measure, mitigate and price risk in real-time.

360° Risk Insight

Integrated insurance, geo-spatial, legal and audit data

Forensic Risk

Drive risk mitigation to reduce claims and losses

Supply Chain

Manage and insure supply chain disruption risk

Digital Twins

Giving insurers a 360° view of risk across 100% of their portfolio


Measuring, managing and insuring supply chain risk in realtime

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Work in partnership

Businesses need to avoid disruption and Insurers are best placed to help them achieve this. Reducing risk improves the bottom line for insurers and customers alike.

  • ROI for mitigation and insurance strategies
  • Accurately tailor products to client’s needs
  • Tracking potential risks and helping to avoid them


Construction supply chains are using KnowRisk to build a detailed understanding of risk and develop risk mitigation and insurance strategies that reduces their completion risk by up to 50%.

  • Real-time risk change monitoring
  • Event-triggered insurance
  • Automated payment of claims
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Commercial property

On average only 5% of a client’s sites have detailed risk surveys, leaving businesses and insurers in the dark. KnowRisk automatically builds risk profiles for 100% of sites.

  • Unlock risk reports and deliver digital twins
  • Geo-spatial risk monitoring of sites
  • Remote loss assessment

Food & Agriculture

KnowRisk is helping food producers and manufacturers to understand supply chain vulnerabilities with product traceability that reduces risks and protects brand value.

  • Remote crop damage assessment
  • Parametric insurance
  • Supply chain risk management

Where business meets insurance

KnowRisk brings insurance and enterprise risk management together, creating the information both need to succeed, and extending the reach of insurers.

  • New distribution channels
  • New insurance products
  • Profitable, insight driven, markets

Lloyd’s Lab

Engaging with the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace

Our partners

Sweetbridge EMEA

A synchronised commerce platform built on DLT technology

Engine B

A cross-sector enterprise enabling corporate data access

Digital Catapult

The UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre


An AI platform that supports insurance with geo-spatial data

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Automating analysis of insurance risk reports with AI & digital twins.


Global enterprise technology development, focussed on DLT

The power of digital twins

Modernising the commercial property insurance market

Get clarity on the untapped opportunities in your portfolio today

If you are an Insurer, broker or corporation and keen to explore ground breaking innovation in risk management then KnowRisk are keen to discuss how we can partner with you today.